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Alejandro Mendoza, EA

Alejandro Mendoza, EA, Principal

Alejandro Mendoza, EA, Principal

Accountant & Tax Adviser

Alejandro Mendoza graduated from American University with an Accounting and Finance degrees. Mr. Mendoza has twenty plus years of accounting experience and solving tax problems to businesses and individuals. He is enrolled to practice with the IRS as a tax auditor and tax resolution specialist.

 When asked what I do for a living, I often say that I educate clients and help resolve problems for them. I noticed that I don’t usually answer the question by saying that I’m a dedicated accountant that specializes in critical IRS tax resolution matters and prepares taxes for my clients. The truth of the matter is that I enjoy educating and teaching my clients all about their day-to-day business activities by understanding their Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Statements. Teaching is fun, and people want to learn. They want to learn how to save and reduce their tax bill at the end of the year and how to keep most of their profit instead of paying large sums to the government. I have also noticed that when accountants educate, clients don’t get in trouble with BIG BROTHER “The IRS” and have a higher probability of success. Educated clients return each year and a large percentage commit to monthly accounting services.

My clients tell me that I make accounting and taxation exciting and enjoyable by my sharing of examples and experiences. In the long run, my clients and I both benefit from my teachings on topics such as business deductions, tax issues, and things to minimize the chance of an IRS audit.  

 There are two categories of problems we see on a daily basis with new clients. The first group is problems with the IRS. IRS tax matters such as tax levies; liens, collection notices, payroll tax audits, and income tax audits scare most business owners and prevent them from concentrating on their business activities. IRS matters are manageable, and we can help our clients find a solution that leads to a fresh start for their businesses. There are options available to all taxpayers such as installment agreements or offers in compromise that most taxpayers can use to find closure to their problems. The best way to approach an IRS letter is to get help as soon as possible.

The second group is lack of accounting organization and QuickBooks software needs. Sometimes, business owners have no control or understanding of what to enter in QuickBooks. The QuickBooks file is a mess, and they have given up updating their records. In most of the cases, the issue is related to an incorrect QuickBooks template used when they set up and start using the program. Solving this accounting issue is simple. By incorporating one of our QuickBooks templates created by me, an accountant, and not a software engineer. I have customized a series of templates to meet our client’s needs and industry standards. The list of accounts in the file is self-explanatory and easily understood by a new business owner. QuickBooks is user-friendly making accounting manageable and straightforward. In the long term, my clients have benefited from using my QuickBooks template. It has helped keep track of their financing and has reduced my accounting bill. Sound QuickBooks financials keep clients one step ahead of the competition.

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